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7 Unique Apartment Storage Ideas

Did you know over 39 million Americans live in an apartment? Apartment living has tons of positives, from property maintenance to the use of communal amenities such as a pool and fitness rooms. However, there's one aspect of living in an apartment that's almost always negative: storage space. There's not enough of it. 

For this reason, when living in an apartment, you need to be strategic about storage. Need help with this matter? We're going to provide you with it. Here are 7 unique apartment storage ideas for you to utilize. 

1. Use Hooks
Most apartments are rather small when it comes to horizontal space. As such, you can't just store things horizontally. You need to store things vertically as well.  There are a number of ways to go about doing this. One idea is to use hooks. Hooks can be used to store everything from keys to towels to kitchenware and more. They're cheap to buy, easy to install and provide highly functional storage capabilities. 

There are many different types of hooks that you can use for this purpose. If your apartment is nail-free, you can use Command strip hooks. If you're allowed to nail or screw things into your walls, you can use any hook that you like. If you need something really strong, Google "Hercules hooks". This will lead you to all sorts of relevant options. 

a rack of clothes hanging on a white wall

2. Only Hang the Clothes You Need
Dealing with limited closet space? If so, your best bet is to pack away the clothes you aren't wearing currently and put them away in a more compact manner. This will save you substantial amounts of room in your closet, all the while taking up very little room in other parts of your apartment. 

For instance, it's now summertime. As such, you're not going to be needing hoodies, sweaters, or sweatpants for a long while. Don't clog up your closet by keeping them there; put them in a small box and keep them in a more discreet area until the colder months arise. Then, when winter rolls around, put away all of your shorts and tank tops, and break out your cold-weather clothes once again. 

3. Install Simple Shelves
Another option for small space storage is to install simple shelves. These are essentially just pieces of wood that are mounted horizontally against the wall. They can be set up by just about anyone and work just as well as any other shelves you could purchase. 

These are useful anywhere. However, they're particularly beneficial in the kitchen. They can be used to store everything from cups to plates to bowls to kitchen accessories and more. Place these on the walls that don't contain cabinets and you'll essentially be doubling your storage space. Plus, you'll be dressing those other walls up a bit, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the room. 

a shelf with pots and plants on a white wall

4. Use Foldables
You don't use all of the possessions in your home at the same time. Their use is staggered throughout each day. Therefore, when a possession is not being used, it's little more than a burden.  Of course, you can't just get rid of that burden. You're going to need it for later. So, what can you do? You can minimize the severity of the burden. A good way to do this is to use foldable items. Foldable items are able to minimize their size when in a folded position, ensuring that they take up only small amounts of space when not in use. 

Some examples of foldable items include foldable desks, foldable beds, foldable end tables, and the like. There are all sorts of foldable items available on the market today, so do a Google search and we what you can find. 

5. Store Things in Bins Under Your Bed
Thinking about putting you mattress flat on the floor? You shouldn't. You would be wasting substantial amounts of storage space. Think about it: when you put your mattress flat on the ground, you can't store anything under it. As such, in doing so, you're wasting a good 30 square feet or so of storage area. 

By elevating your mattress on a bed frame, however, you're able to maintain all of this storage space. Then, you can just use long bins in which to store items under the bed. Pull the bins out as you need them, and push them back in when you're finished; it's that simple. 

a display of peanuts on a shelf in a store

6. Use String Lights
Another storage idea to promote comfortable apartment living is to use string lights. String lights can be hung from walls, meaning that they take up essentially no space whatsoever. You can hang them in essentially every room of an apartment, and they always possess a charming aesthetic regardless. The alternative is to use lamps. Lamps look just fine. However, they can take up quite a bit of space and aren't always the best options for apartment living situations. 

7. Employ Hangable Dressers
Our last tip is to employ hangable dressers. These are fabric entities with dividers included. These dividers partition off different sections of the fabric, allowing you to keep shirts, pants, socks, and other clothing organized. The great thing about hangable dressers is that they take up very little space. Long and narrow, they can be hung directly from clothes hanger poles and can be seamlessly integrated into apartment closets. You can purchase cheap hangable dressers for as little as $15. That's a small price to pay for a substantial amount of space savings

Apartment Storage Is All About Thinking Outside the Box
When it comes down to it, apartment storage is about being clever and thinking outside of the box. Use these 7 storage ideas above and you're sure to maintain a neat and organized apartment. Looking for an apartment in Terre Haute, Indiana? Look no further than Willow Crossing Apartments. Check out our available units now!